Welcome to Las Vegas, the entertainment and gambling capital of the world.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Welcome to the home where the Outfit, the Syndicate, the Mafia and various politicians and celebrities played, lived, roamed, conducted business and lived like normal human beings.  They also were mystery people who skimmed, made book, shylocked, killed, organized and committed crimes and did other nefarious illegal activities.

I am an insider to the real deal.  I was raised right here, where the Mob operated casinos. The Mob and connected guys lived in my neighborhood and their kids went to school with me.  To get a job in the early days of Las Vegas was not easy and required skill and a referral.  They wanted people who had street smarts and grafting sense and whose allegiance belonged to the legendary operators who were forced to relocate to Las Vegas to escape the probing questions of the United States government.

Our Mob Map and related information are the real deal that you will not find in a book on Amazon, unless it is stolen from us.  We even expose the FAKE MOB NEWS.  The want-to-be creeps are exposed right here as well in our Special Stories.  If you want info you will not find anywhere else and to get a real insider’s look at Las Vegas and the other locations that we operate in, this is the place.

You will see videos, photos, hangouts, homes and other locations that you can drive your car to and see in person.  See where they ate, played, drank and gambled, plus those places where they met that they did not want the FBI or local police to know about. We even are going to tell you about the Stool Pigeons.  We have posted actual names and locations.  The mobsters were victims of crime as well.  We show you the spot where a certain front man for the Chicago outfit was car-bombed.  You can stand on the exact location where this happened.  You may want to visit where Bugsy Siegel’s spirit is said to “loiter” or see firsthand the posh digs of Momo Giancana’s moll, Phyllis McGuire.  By the way, she and Laugh-In star, Dan Rowan, were spied on by the Mob and one of the agents of the CIA.  Bet you didn’t know that or where that happened. We will tell you all about it.

This is the real deal.  Oh, yeah, if you want to be an informer and give us a tip on a location that you know about that might be a possible inclusion for the MOB MAP, please contact us and sing like a canary!

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