Exposé Las Vegas et al

The True Story of Las Vegas has never been told.  That is a true statement.  Practically everything that has been written about the Mob in Las Vegas and who really were the powers to be is very obscure and 99% unknown by the outside world.

The real Godfather of Nevada gambling has only been written about in a roundabout way with his character portrayed as an associate rather than the key figure in the day-to-day operations of most of the casinos in Las Vegas in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and into the 1980s.  This obscure individual approved all the real deals and made sure they would be financed properly and run with the finest personnel.

The skim has been mentioned in a few books but never really explained in detail. The entire modus operandi and the many ways to engage a skim will be explained in future episodes. The amounts of money siphoned from the tax rolls is staggering.  Yet it was an everyday occurrence.  Did Nevada gaming officials know about the skim that was being carried on each day?  The FBI had intimate knowledge of the daily skim because of electronic surveillance and budding in the casinos.  Did they share this information with Nevada regulators?  That is a great question that leads you to the conclusion that they certainly did, yet Nevada gaming regulators looked the other way.  Why?

It was not the everyday rank and file, dedicated, hardworking investigator who looked the other way. It was the elite class of the members of Nevada’s Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission who chose not to meddle in certain areas.  Why?  Were they all inefficient? Most of them were also good, hard working individuals.  So who stopped this inquisition into areas of concern and skimming?  The Governor?  Maybe so.  Is there a possibility that Nevada had a corrupt politician in the office of the Governor?  Yes.  Is there a possibility that past members of the Nevada Gaming Commission are unethical and corrupt as well? Yes. Did Nevada have a past United States Senator who was corrupt? Yes.  Did he have associations with the Mob? Yes.  Did the County of Clark, that regulates the greater Las Vegas area including the “Strip,” have corrupt county commissioners? Yes, and many went to jail.


To reveal to  the public the real truth of the who, what, where and how of organized crime’s history and impact on Las Vegas and the United States in addition to exposing those who were enabled by the Mob and those that the Mob enabled.  Among this group are Las Vegans as well as others, who paved the way for corruption and passed laws to benefit the Mob and all other corrupt individuals.

The story will be revealed here in time……… In future episodes, read the stories with footnotes and actual eyewitness accounts as to who is who.

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